Whit's Fur Ye'll No Go Past Ye

My friend Bruce and I have been trying to get together weekly to play games. He's generally free in the late mornings/early afternoons as he works shifts starting in the late afternoon. WE've mostly been playing board/card games.I'd suggested Necromunda at one point. He's played Kill Team (with his own Genestealers!) but he said he found GW games "tedious" as you have to roll so many dice - roll to hit... then roll to see if you wound... then the target gets to roll to see if they save... then you may need to roll to see how much damage you do (in the case of a weapon that does more than one damage per successful attack against a target that has more than one wound) and then, if it's Kill Team (or Necromunda) and the target has lost all of it's wounds, roll to see if it's out of action, seriously injured or has a flesh wound... I guess I can see that...? I don't really think it's all that MCU more than D&D, which he plays a lot of, but whatevs... didn't bring it up again.Earlier this week, when he contact

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