Ugrabite kolekciju Asmodee Digital igara po najnižoj ceni do sada

Humble Bundle i Asmodee Digital su ponovo udružili snage i lansirali još jedan povoljan paket digitalnih društvenih igara. Ukoliko preferirate da digitalni karton konzumirate u udobnosti svog PC-a, Humble More Board Games Bundle je kao stvoren za vas. U pitanju je kolekcija od 10 društvenih igara koje je […]

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January Games

We got in a few games over the holidaze in December, and kind of tried to keep the ball rolling into the new year...Tuesday, 1 January 2019We started the new year off with a bang by having Kurtis and Brent over to play a few games.To start off Kurtis, Brent, Amanda and I played a game of Nations. I played Rome, Amanda played Greece, Kurtis played Egypt, and Brent played Persia.This was a bit of a departure from the last few games I’ve played where I played China and tried to focus on Stability and Grain production and more or less ignore military and wars and stuff and grow population as much as possible to get piles of meeples on industrial age buildings at the end of the game for loads of victory points.It hasn’t worked. I always end up going last (because military determines turn order) and get nothing good and never, EVER get to use my special ability (first to pass gain extra grain…)So, I thought I’d go a different direction and do military….It didn’t really work out either…There were startlingly few bui

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Stonemaier Games objavio limitiranu seriju metalnih mekova za Scythe

Hit Stonemaier Games, Scythe, je dobio limitiranu seriju metalnih minijatura mekova koji će ovu dizelpank stratešku feštu pretvoriti u još spektakularniju pojavu na tabli. The Scythe Metal Mechs kolekcija sadrži po jedan mek od svake frakcije iz ove igre odliven u cinku sa inkwash zavrshetkom radi isticanja detalja. […]

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