15mm Raphia Project

Yes the project has been going on for some time and yet again I say it's nearly more cavalry unit and another 14 elephants.But here are 4 elephants to add to the appropriate stables......The first two elephants are going to the Seleucid army.  They are actually listed as Hellenistic Elephants but I feel will fit in well the army and offer a little variety.  Also I can use them for other Successor armies...These are Ptolemaic, actually Xyston Carthaginian elephants with a Greek crew, but as they feel and look right, I'm more than happy.    These miniatures look shinny in the pictures but are actually matt in real life.

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Hail Caesar Diadochi Battle-Seleucid v Ptolomy

Another big game at PAW.  This time Hail Caesar in the time of the Diadochi Wars, the struggle for dominance following the death of Alexander.The battle pitched the forces of Seleucid against the might of Ptolomy.  The armies are the ones I have been collection to refight the Battle of Raphia, I'm nearly there but have a lot more elephants to do.  You will have to excuse the lack of basing, as you can imagine it's a massive task which i have still not decided how to do.As stated we used the Hail Caesar rules, the only change being centimeters instead of inches.  It seemed to work very well. And to the pictures.....The mighty armies deployed, Seleucid to the left and Ptolomy to the left.  Over a thousand figures on a 12 foot by 4 foot table.  Ptolomy's left flank's starting position.  Companion style cavalry, elephants with escorts and Egyptian Levy PhalanxPtolomy's Phalanx blockPtolomy's right flank elephantsThe Seleucid left, heavy cavalry, pike phalanx all fronted by 'dubi

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