September Game-A-Day Challenge 2019

September Games - Week Four

Picking up where we left off...Sunday, 22 September 2019on Sunday evening Amanda and I played a game of Necromunda. Sunday evenings, in our fall schedule, were to be set aside for a Necromunda Campaign. I had hoped we'd get TWO games in each Sunday evening - and that's all we'd need to do for our campaign... that hasn't happened yet...We got started a bit late this week as Amanda decided to drag Finnegan out for a canoe paddle in the late afternoon (instead of doing it earlier when Keira and I were out at dance classes...?).My Delaque gang and her Escher gang fought for control of the Narco Den.You can read a full report of the game here:Wenz Pipe - Battle for the Narco DenMonday, 23 September 2019Monday, after Ballroom, was supposed to be our "back up" evening for Neromunda - if we didn't get two games played. No one was (well... the kids weren't) feeling up to playing necromunda, so Amanda and I played a quick game of pPatchwork... and then we went and started watching American Gods.It was, seriously, my BE

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September Games - Week Three

Carrying on into the third week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge 2019...Sunday, 15 September 2019Finnegan and I  got in another game in our Necromunda campaign. I had a terrible night and very little sleep so bailed on my own Sunday afternoon Dance class, and Amanda ended up taking Keira to hers - while they were out, Finnegan and I set up and played a game.You can check out the full report here:The PitLater in the evening, after the Grrrlz got home and had had supper, we watched more of Stranger Things, Season Two...Monday, 16 September 2019Monday evening, Amanda and I have a Ballroom Dance class that we are now attending... unfortunately this Monday we were out late at an appointment with Finnegan and weren't back in time to go out to that. We had thought after Ballroom Amanda and Keira could get in their game of Necromunda, but by the time we were home and had had supper, no one was really interested in a more involved game of Necromunda...So Amanda and I had a quick game of 7 Wonders Duel...It wa

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September Games - Week Two

Still doing pretty good on the SECOND week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge...Sunday, 8 September 2019We started our long anticipated Necromunda Dominion Campaign this evening!There is some background and details of the starting gangs and territories here:The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)It was a short and brutal fight that ended with the leaders of the two gangs in a vicious melee together!Full details of the game can be found here:Encounter a Fahr's PipeMonday, 9 September 2019On Monday Evening, Keira and I then played our first game. It did not go well for the One-Eyed Red Snakes (my House Delaque gang)...Full details of the game can be found here:Battle at Bilton's CornerTuesday, 10 September 2019Keira humoured me with a super quick game of Retro Lunacy after her dance classes.I won.and then I went to bed... not feeling really well - but I got in my game for the day!!Wednesday, 11 September 2019One Wednesday we tried out Twilight Squabble. Keira bought this when it came out a

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