Game Room Renovation – Part 2

More work has been done AND the first game has taken place down in my new Game Room.  All in all, great progress since the first post.  This time last year is when I started packing up my gaming space in my last house in preparation to sell and move.  It’s been a long road, but I finally feel like I’ve made it…somewhere. Game Time My brother was in town for Thanksgiving so that gave me some drive to get my gaming table up.  My plan is to rebuild this table into a 9ft x 5ft setup to accommodate the same rough size of games but also allow for space for books, figures, drinks, etc. Organization A part of what I enjoy in gaming is organizing the things I collect, consider it an outlet for my obsessive side.  I was able to finally organize all of my wargaming and RPG books in one place, as well as all of my dudesmen. New shelves filled Books all unpacked               First Game! Lastly, the first official game was had in the Game Room.  A quick game of Age of

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King of the Jungle- Old Blood on Carnosaur Showcase

I love Lizardmen. Note, Lizardmen, not Seraphon. The old lizard lore was so cool, and the way they worked before AoS way more interesting to me (if I wanted to play a summoning game, I would have picked Daemons). SO for me, that means my Lizard force is going to be built to WHFB 8th Edition, The Ninth Age and Kings of War. I may use them occasionally in AoS, but my opponent would have to be cool with Square Bases. My Tamurkhan's Horde army will be for AoS. My lizards are going to be for Rank and File battle games.It has been a LONG TIME coming, but I am finally making this army.With that said, I finally finished the my first complete Lizard of my own army. The Carnosaur kit is just such a cool kit, and I loved every minute of making this model.

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