September Games - Week Four

Picking up where we left off...Sunday, 22 September 2019on Sunday evening Amanda and I played a game of Necromunda. Sunday evenings, in our fall schedule, were to be set aside for a Necromunda Campaign. I had hoped we'd get TWO games in each Sunday evening - and that's all we'd need to do for our campaign... that hasn't happened yet...We got started a bit late this week as Amanda decided to drag Finnegan out for a canoe paddle in the late afternoon (instead of doing it earlier when Keira and I were out at dance classes...?).My Delaque gang and her Escher gang fought for control of the Narco Den.You can read a full report of the game here:Wenz Pipe - Battle for the Narco DenMonday, 23 September 2019Monday, after Ballroom, was supposed to be our "back up" evening for Neromunda - if we didn't get two games played. No one was (well... the kids weren't) feeling up to playing necromunda, so Amanda and I played a quick game of pPatchwork... and then we went and started watching American Gods.It was, seriously, my BE

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