Alien monster for your next Sci Fi adventure

Need a new and exciting monster for your next game of HARP-SF? Check out the creature I have created below. The stats are all based on HARP and HARP-SF creature creation, but the essence of the creature could easily be recreated in Spacemaster if that is your Science fiction RPG of choice.   Don’t have a Sci-Fi TTRPG of choice? May I recommend reading more about HARP-SF or Spacemaster on our website.   Now without further ado, I give you the torpaermos…     TORPAERMOS   Level: 8 Size: Large BMR Type: Fly : Biped BMR: 42 : 5   # Enc: 1 Outlook: Hungry Treasure: —   DB: 92 Hits: 186 Init: 11   St: 5 (5) Co: 6 (8) Ag: 4 (4) Qu: 4 (2) SD: 1 (1) Re: 2 (4) In: 2 (3) Pr: 2 (3)   End 60 PP 0   Stamina 103 Will 54 Magic 40   Attacks Claw Attack – Small Slash 78 Bite Attack – Small Puncture 68 Sting – Large Slash 88   Skills Ambush (15) 70, Endurance (20) 96, Flying/Gliding (20) 130, Navigation (15) 71, Perception (20) 87, Resistance – Magic (5) 40, Resi

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Planet profile: Seccanoe

For those of you playing Spacemaster or HARP-SF, I thought this outline of a new planet might give you some inspiration or serve as a backdrop for your next adventure.   Name: Seccanoe Diameter: 14,037km Gravity: 1.2 g Distance from sun: 0.87 au at its closest 1.42 at its furthest Year: 1.13 Earth years (412 Earth days) Rotation period: 21.25 hours Atmosphere: Oxygen rich with carbon and nitrogen Hydrosphere: In ‘winter’ glaciers cover 42% of the surface of the planet with other bodies of water covering a further 5%. During ‘summer’ the glaciers only cover 17% with a further 72% of the planet covered in water. Climate: Extremes of hot and cold depending on season Population: Seccanoe is a rocky planet with an oxygen rich atmosphere orbiting a yellow dwarf star. The star is similar in size to the Earth’s sun but slightly more massive. Seccanoe is one of only three planets orbiting the star and is the closest planet to the sun. Seccanoe has an elliptical orbit with .55 au difference between its closest a

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Roleplaying adventure hooks – Science Fiction

  Looking for inspiration for your next science fiction roleplaying adventure? Then look no further! We’ve put together these three adventure hooks to give you some ideas for your next gaming session. Enjoy!     The greater good?   Members of a previously unknown alien race make contact with the PCs and offer them access to ground-breaking technology and all the fame and wealth that will come with it. However, in return, they want the PCs to aid them in a coup on their home planet.   Synopsis   Attracted no doubt by the party’s strength, intellect and desire for wealth and power, a new race offers them new technology in exchange for aiding them in a coup. The PCs will have to wrestle with their morals as these ambassadors clearly do not have good intentions for their home planet. Perhaps there is a way to get the technology and prevent the coup?     Gods among men   Whilst exploring an isolated planet on the outskirts of the galaxy, the party is accosted by a

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