Shadow Sun Syndicate

Previews: LVO pre-releases and previews for Warhammer Underworlds and Monsterpocalypse

Last weekend some stuff happened in Vegas and it happened to leak out, so here goes just a few of the things of interest to me.Games Workshop revealed the Sylvaneth Warband for Warhammer Underworlds. There's no telling when the models will actually be up for sale, but they do exist in studio form. I'm only mildly interested in the release, however. I was always more into Guerilla Elves rather than the Spirit Elves of the Wood Elves.  People got to pick up some Monsterpocalypse monsters and buildings ahead of release schedule, like Zor-Raiden!He seems to be all-in on the melee front, and he makes his ninjas get to punch things and move away. What's not clear to me is if combined hit and runs get to move one model or all of them...The Shadow Sun Syndicate building adds more movement shenanigans to the ninjas, which is both fluffy and exciting. If Armodax is the closest thing I can get to a turtle at this point in Monsterpocalypse, I don't think I'm gonna care what it does. It just has to exi

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Painting My Oscar Award Trophy and some cyber ninjas

One of the things I hate having to paint is gold. Especially gold trim.One of the things I keep finding reasons to paint is gold. Especially gold trim.I picked up my current method of painting gold from an article I saw years ago on Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. If you know me, then you know that this method is actually Too Many Steps, so I cut it down a bit. And what I started with was the blue gemstones (because I was also painting blue powerglows on my Shadow Sun Syndicate at the time) and so I started with the baseline yellow.After the gemstones, I lay down the Filthy brown on all the trim of the Supreme Guardian and the Immortal Advocate. Both models get gold trim both in the studio scheme as well as in mine, as do all Ancestral type models (Golems infused with the souls of valiant Skorne warriors)My current go to paint for yellow is actually an Ochre, Vallejo Game Colour's Filthy Brown. It lays down a nice color backing for gold.The next step is gold immediately followed by a gold/silver layer. I thin

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