Shadow War: Armageddon

Operation: Side Hustle (An Ambull Adventure)

Hi All,This was actually my last game of 2018, but I've had a lot of fiddly things to do lately so it took me awhile to write it up. Once again I met up with Lasgunpacker and Dai. This time Dai brought an extra gang and his son along.We played another Ambull hunt scenario using the new blind counters. I followed Airborne's suggestion and put the two higher value Ambulls in the middle of the table. For this game we used the Shadow War rules, which are essentially Necromunda, give or take.I used my cellphone to take the pictures and then tweaked them only in Photoshop with the Poster edge filter and some minor exposure adjustments.Enjoy.In the end a fun game. Dai's son came away with the win, capturing the greatest point value of Ambulls.  Both Dai and Lasgunpackers gangs got pretty chewed up.Is this the end of the Ambull Shenanigans scenarios? Hard to say. I'll have to see if there are new people to try it out on as is, or if we need to add another layer to the story.I also realized that Escape From Nu Or

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