Shadowrun Crossfire

2019 - Q4 Plans

This weekend I have my Necromunda gaming weekend coming up and have been working feverishly to try and get everything ready for that. Despite that, I've already been casting an eye towards what's coming next... For the last... well... decade (or MORE!?), I've generally tried to come up with a PLAN for the year. You can see them in the labels off to the left there, Starting with Game Plan 07 (of course the labels include updates and addendum throughout the year, so if you click on one, you're likely to get the last update first and have to scroll through a few pages to find the original plan - although the last one might be a "Year in Review" post, which will usually include a link to the initial plan...). While I absolutely believe that it is always good to have a plan, I've been finding, however, that it's getting harder and harder to stick with one plan for an entire year. It's been harder to gauge what will hold my (and the family's collective) interest - hence the regular addendum! I've been thinking that

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