Showcase: Ultramarines Captain Idaeus

Hi all! I painted this Ultramarine Captain Idaeus from the 4th Company just because... I had him laying around. It's the model from the old Assault on Black Reach box set. Sometimes I stumble upon older models and still find them attractive and worth giving them a paint job. While doing so I got the idea to paint all Ultramarine chapter Commanders with models that suit their characters.What do you think? Leave a comment or reaction below….

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Showcase: Eldar/Aeldari Craftworld Iybraesil Kill Team

Ily’Haeth Khai: The blade that seeks out weakness – this Asuryani Kill Team from Craftworld Iybraesil was assembled to exploit the enemy’s every error. They follow the directions of by Farseer Ishtá Hanndroth's scrying without hesitation. Once upon the battlefield, all emotions are suppressed and only the dictates of purest logic will be followed. Their deeds may seem strange at times, but they all serve a greater end: Unbeknownst to any but the Asuryani, a new warp rift will soon open. Ancient technologies can prevent the weakening of reality from becoming a new rent, but only if deployed in the right place at the right time.

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Showcase: Dark Angels Eliminators

I'm becoming quite efficient with my Conquest painting publication project, I'm finishing the monthly batch of models earlier and earlier. I finished April's batch with a good two and half weeks spare which mean't I could make a real dent in the Shadowspear boxset. After the jump I share with you the seven models I've completed so far.More after the jump

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