Sierra West

The Great UK Games Expo 2019 Wash-Up Part 1

They say, quite accurately, that Christmas comes but once a year. Writing this article in June, that may seem like an odd thing to open with. However, there are a lot of things that Christmas has in common with the UK Games Expo. They both get a lot of people excited; both have enormous expectation, are inevitably exhausting and both leave the adults completely skint after a flurry of purchasing the latest and greatest. I may or may not be speaking from experience on that last point.Read more »

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Nedeljne vesti 19.4. – 26.4.2019: Kustos, rudar i astronaut ulaze u bar …

Za ovaj kišni aprilski vikend spremili smo nekoliko osvežavajućih vesti. Renegade Game Studios je još jedan studio koji objavljuje igru sa tematikom kustosa i galerija dok se Board & Dice sprema za još jedan euro naslov Sierra West, koji nije samo suv euro. Castle Panic za svoj deseti […]

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