Live from the Past: SJG Pocket Boxes kickstarted

Loosely following up: Is SJG Banking on Nostalgia? Hey, I’m as nostalgic as the next guy.  So when Steve Jackson Games decided to remake OGRE/GEV into a game in a box the size of a coffee table back in 2011, I thought it was cool.  I wasn’t going to buy it, necessarily, but I thought it looked great.   SJG made an important discovery on that release.. people will spend buckets of cash on nostalgia releases.  Make no bones about it, I like what SJG does, but nothing they have released recently constitutes a radical departure in game design.  One of the reasons we played Car Wars, OGRE/GEV, Illuminati and The Fantasy Trip back in the 80s was that they were new at that time.  Nowadays, there are market alternatives to the SJG classics that, in my opinion, blow the earlier games out of the water, which is to be expected.   That’s the thing; nostalgia releases succeed for a few reasons: 1) the game is way out of print and people are clamoring for a reprint 2) the game is a “classic” w

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Is SJG banking on nostalgia…?

So, who am I to judge about nostalgia, I backed Melee and Wizard on a Kickstarter, right?  Yet.. in the recent kickstarter update for the Fantasy Trip kickstarter, I noticed this at the very end of the post: More Pocket Box Games With most of The Fantasy Trip under control (Ben and I are still working on the Companion; I have a stack of magazines I’m taking to the office today), we’re directing some of our energy to the upcoming Pocket Box project. For those of you who have missed out on the news, we’ve been working closely with the factory to test scan classic Pocket Box games and determine the viability of reproducing those classic games. The Old Pocket Boxes for OGRE and GEV from the early 80s.. fun, durable (except for the hinged box close tab) and you could put it in your pocket, more or less. All of the tests have gone better than expected, and with the new Pocket Box tooling almost complete, we’re starting to design a Pocket Box project that will launch on Kick

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