My OWAC2 post for May

Hi All,Just a quick post because I've been terrible about blogging this month.I finished a couple of figures and posted them over at the Old World Army Challenge here. You should really take a look at all the entries, but if you only have time for one you owe it to yourself to take a look at Tom's Dwarves.Anyway, here's my guys.My leader, Zazad the Eternal (thanks random name generator), and the standard bearer for my skeleton troops.Death, from Skull and Crown's Triumph of Death, came with two arm options.I wasn't able to decide on the arm options so I tried magnetizing. It worked more or less. I also inadvertently changed the head position after breaking his head off before even prepping him.I last minute decided to give him a sword after looking at the box art.My posing has left him a tad unbalanced so he needs to be placed carefully to not fall forward and to the right.June is going to be hectic, so we'll see if I can get the last two units done, in addition to my BOYL and local gaming projects.Thanks for

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My April Submission to the OWAC2.

Hi All,Well I finally got my skeletons and Zombies finished.Here they are.10 Skeleton "archers" from Skull and Crown: Triumph of DeathAnd 20 of the plastic boxed set of Zombies from Games Workshop. Which they still sell here.I thought I'd give you a close up of the banner as well. In the next few days I'll do a post on how I did it. I call it paint by numbers, as I can't draw very well. It involves stitching together various line art in GIMP or Photoshop and then printing it out on paper and coloring within the lines.The skeletons were once again base coated white and then slathered in a mix of yellow and brown ink before being drybrushed with the Reaper Bone Triad. The zombies were base coated grey and painted with Reaper's Undead Skin Tone Triad. I tried to use some color desaturated with grey, it was so so in my opinion. I also painted some areas that were intended to be flesh as cloth, such as the banner bearers legs. The exposed muscles and guts got a wash of Purple and Red ink, with the guts getting an

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