Neo! I mean Skye, Defender of Judgement

Painted up Neo, I mean Keaneo, I mean Skye, the elf Monk of Judgement. He's a Defender, so he uses his mystical martial arts (and presumably his innate connection with the around him) to protect those fighting beside him.This model is the reason I bought into Judgement at all. I just hope Keanu doesn't mind that I painted him as a blonde with a greentoned kung fu shrobe (can't call it a shirt, can't call it a robe). Some of my other choices of models to paint are based around having access to Skye.And pity the fool who bans Skye out from me!

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Seal to Prime ratio: Not Big Enough

These days to get through my piles of unpainted miniatures I try to complete more projects than I prime, which is how I got the concept of the Seal: Prime ratio. Basically, whenever I seal or prime I pretty much have to wait until I have the house to myself so I can run the kitchen vent and air things out that way as I run models into and out of the garage for sprays.My piles of unpainted stuff has been growing and the only way I can think to get a handle on things (aside from buying less) is to try to keep things in packaging as long as possible and not assemble too many things I'm not prepared to paint.This time around I sealed maybe 27 or so models and only primed 19. Even though that's a net gain on paint progress, it's not what I wanted it to be. I got kind of rushed because my Judgement stuff came in.Hopefully this doesn't sink any further progress on my part. I have set up some 20 models to paint on my desk now, and maybe 10-20 more in the basement that will help future ratios. Time will tell if this a

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