Slug Industries

The Dead God awakens......................

Well, back into the hobby with a bit of a splash. I'm working with the most wonderful Philip Page of Slug Industries on a very secret secret in fact that I can only show a few work in progress shots that I've been allowed to paint. The Dead God is a resin casting via Chris at Macrocosm designed by Kev Adams who is responsible for all of the current Tenoch range. The dias and throne are by Phil. So much more to

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Battery by Slug Industries

In this post I take a look at the battery terrain piece which was produced by Slug Industries as part of a kickstarter project for their Spanish Fort.In my recent review of the 28mm Spanish Fort I already mentioned that I also got the battery piece that was funded via the kickstarter project. The battery is a solid piece of resin. Aside from the main piece there is a planking piece, similar to the one that was provided with the Spanish Fort, and an MDF kit for a ladder - again, same as with the fort. So, beside filing off a few sharp edges and assembling the ladder, there is no further assembly required.The battery, the planking (right) and the ladder kit (bottom right)PaintingI painted the battery the same way as the fort, not only because I had an upcoming gaming session ahead of me, but also because that is the best (and only) way to make the two pieces look similar. Even though I use the same technique, the results vary every time because the paint mixes are slightly different.The battery from Slug Indust

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Spanish Fort by Slug Industries

The Spanish Fort by Slug Industries is a terrain piece modeled after the actual Fort Matanzas and successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign early this year. In this article I take a closer look at the model and present my painted version as well as some gaming ideas for the fort.Ever since his first pirate-related kickstarter campaign I am in frequent contact with Philip Page, the creator of the Spanish fort kickstarter campaign. When he sent me the first photos of his fort I was immediately sold on the idea of a 28mm scale version of Fort Matanzas. Usually, when you think of forts and pirates you think of a gigantic Vauban fort that would fill an entire game board on its own (like this beauty). Fort Matanzas is a relatively small fort that is very well suited to be used in 28mm scale games. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for me to back the project when the kickstarter launched. In addition to the fort itself, there was a battery piece which was also part of the campaign and which I a

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