The final set of non-LotR miniatures I have assembled over the last few days is my pack of Rackham's Confrontation Wolfen. Over the years, at trade shows, I have been lucky enough to pick these up very cheaply in deals. Ordinarily these would have cost a fortune, but my collection came in at maybe a third their retail price. All of them are the metal versions before Rackham made the bad mistake of moving to some kind of bendy plastic that nobody liked and therefore did not buy.First up are a couple of Wolfen Warriors and a Wolfen Repentant of some kind that I have not been able to find in their catalogues. I had previously undercoated these figures but there were many spots I missed, so I re-sprayed them for better coverage.Next up are a couple of Wolfen Hunters and a Wolfen Vestal. Again, these were partially undercoated, so I tried to complete the coverage with the spray can.Two more Wolfen Hunters and a Wolfen with a pretty powerful looking crossbow. I imagine the stats for that crossbow will be the same a

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The weather has been much brighter and warmer today, so I was able to get into the garden and begin undercoating a few miniatures previously featured, as well as prepping some more of those still on my work bench. Today's miniatures come from the Celtos range by i-Kore Miniatures. They have since been marketed by a variety of other companies, so I am not sure where to get them from now. I managed to buy these at a trade show many moons ago from Brigade Games. I thought I had bought the whole collection, but there are a few more leader types to get and some sirens (female Fomorians, which I probably won't get as they don't really fit in with the male versions imho - they would make a good female only faction though for another game).I have broken my Fomorian collection down into four types and photographed each faction separately.Fomorians with Spears...There are nine of these in the range and I managed to get them all. The barbed spears/harpoons look great for a sea-based bunch of raiders. I was going to pain

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This is the first of a few posts that are not really, but kind of almost are, Lord of the Rings hobby related. There will be more LotR posts soon, but these are kind of linked in by the fact that in one of my imaginary worlds, these will be allies for factions that I will use Lord of the Rings figures for.First up are a couple of Games Workshop's Ushabti (apologies for the dull photo - light conditions are terrible at home due to the overcast/rainy weather we are currently experiencing)...I did have three of these (out of the four available in metal - jackal, crocodile, asp and vulture) but cannot seem to find the third one (the asp headed version). I managed to build and clean them up today whilst waiting for a small break in the weather that never came which would have allowed me to get out into the garden to undercoat more Games Workshop LotR minis. I also got a few more miniatures that I will feature over the next few days out of their bags/blisters in readiness for preparation tomorrow and the rest of th

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