Solomon Kane

The Saga of Solomon Kane

After completing the reading of Kull, I will move onto another of Robert E. Howard's characters; Solomon Kane. I have to admit to never having read any comics or books about this character in the past - I only have the James Purefoy movie version to go from.The film was OK but I found it fell into too many typical fantasy tropes and it became too much of a pastiche for my liking. That said, as I have never read anything about the character perhaps that is how he and his world is portrayed? I am looking forward to reading these comics anyway as he is a new character for me to explore.Like with the Kull comics, I will start off with the original Marvel colour reprints by Dark Horse. These seem to be a good starting point for any major character as Marvel do tend to look after their REH characters quite well; they always seem to gather the best writers and artists to the teams that portray them.To follow up on the colour stories, I will again go to the black and white Savage Sword equivalents; The Saga of Solomo

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Comics Week and FCBD 2019

This will probably be a bit of a rambling post, so apologies in advance. This week is a shorter working week due to the bank holiday for Easter, so there will be fewer entries. Friday just gone was a bank holiday too, so last week was also a shorter week, but it passed me by due to not being in work and hence why I made a blog entry every day. I am hoping to blog every week day whilst I am not working to give me something to do as a break from looking for work and therefore keeping my sanity a bit longer. It sure beats watching day time TV (which I don't do anyway) or just staring at the same four walls (or procrastinating for hours on end). That said, I do keep myself busy by doing the household chores, going to the gym, running and prepping minatures for painting in between the hours I spend trawling the net for a new role.So, now that all of my Lord of the Rings figures are prepped in readiness for undercoating and a bit of putty work (I still need to source some decent, easily workable stuff) I have time

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Prvi pogled na Solomon Kane sa Essen Spiel 18

Stigli smo i do poslednjeg prikaza koji smo snimili na poslednjem Essen Spiel sajmu, a u pitanju je milionski projekat iz Mythic Games. Pored prvog pogleda na Reichbusters, harizmatični Az nas je proveo i kroz osnovna pravila i premisu igre Solomon Kane. Kao što ćete videti u nastavku, […]

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