Finished! Sequitors!

Sequitors! Mace wielding, power crystal having, very serious devotees of Sigmar. My army is growing steadily, I'm trying to add a unit each month. Currently building some cavalry but for now, here's the beef. Two units of Sequitors and again, I can see the value of having double the amount in my army as I play larger games. Where first there were 10, now there are 20. 20-40 Feral hogs and the only way to stop them is with more Sequitors on watch.Shop!

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Nedeljne vesti 8.3. – 15.3.2019: Spremite se za Igru Prestola

Još malo pa će nam Gejmotron iskakati iz televizora, tableta i pametnih usisivača. Zmajevi dolaze, zombiji dolaze, zima došla davno, uzimaju se godišnji odmori i bolovanja, kupuju udobnije fotelje, a i viđamo Game of Thrones u sto i jednoj varijanti. Naravno da stiže nova društvena igara inspirisana upravo […]

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