The last model on (this) Earth

In this home actually.All of a sudden it turned out shit hit the fan. And that was the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen. The fan also kinda industrial and rotating hellish fast. You get the point.Long story short, also excluding unpleasant details, it turned out we have to sell the flat, split with my partner and move out as fast possible.I was thinking about it while finishing recent heavy anti-tank gun: about whole fucked up situation, last six years spent here and life and death in general.I've also recalled the very first model painted in this place, back in Autumn 2013.It was Nemo - Cyrnar warcaster from Warmachine game. That piece was special because it was gift for my one, true hobby foe, I've been struggling against since like 1997.So I thought it would be kinda symbolic (?) to make the last model painted here also gift.You know: closing the circle shit. But this time the victim will be my friend from legal training.And the piece rewarded with exhumation from the pile ov oblivion and despair i

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Pimp my howitzer

Last time it was heavy mortar and today my infantry once again got support weapon:M2A1 105 mm medium howitzer. It's not that I was lacking for anti-tank or anti-infantry weapon, but a short while back guy from Bolt Action group was flogging off his toys so I took oportunity to work on some second hand pieces. The wallet likes second hand deals...Models came painted but luckly for me the previous owner didn't care much about undercoating - washing the paint was rather easy.For uniforms I chose standard combo, but on two of the crewmen  I tested cayman green instead of yellow olive for jackets. Models of the gun and the men are ok except for the faces of the commander and the guy pulling the "trigger": these two look like had bad, bad accident with acid. Nevermind as long as they can shoot.Original model came on large, oval base but I changed it for 4" x 2": it's easier to place it in the terrain, buildings and such.What do you think? And here's the model before pimping:And one more thing:Wh

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