Dressing For The Apocalypse - 28mm

As mentioned in an earlier post on 28mm figures, Under Fire Miniatures do a range of 28mm Cold War figures.As supplied, the Soviet infantry (in this case Soviet Pack RMR2) are accurately dressed, with the uncomfortable high boots.These would be fine for forces at the outbreak of war, but after four or five years of conflict, their kit would change. The obvious thing would be replacing the boots (and trousers) with more comfortable items - either manufactured for the troops, or those that the troops have picked up.The first change was to add some small squares of Greenstuff to the front of the boots, sculpted with a scalpel blade to represent the laces. This was allowed to set before more Greenstuff was used to extend the trouser cuffs.Soviet Motorised infantry were trained to be no more than 200 metres from their transport, so they do not tend to have large quantities of equipment, so only a couple of small bags or pouches was added.The other thing is that they are quite likely to have non standard

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Budyonny near Lvov, 1920. Budionny pod Lwowem, 1920.

Last week  we had a Polish Bolshevik War game with Set An East Ablaze rules. My scenario was loosely based on the situation on the southern front, in the first half of August 1920, where Budyonny 1st Cavalry Army was moving forward on Lwów. On their way was fictitious village defended by join Ukrainian and Polish troops. Their task was to stop Bolshevik against any movement through their defending lines.W zeszłym tygodniu mieliśmy gre z czasów wojny polsko bolszewickiej z zasadami Set An East Ablaze. Mój scenariusz luźno bazował na sytuacji on południowym froncie, w pierwszej połowie sierpnia 1920, gdzie Konarmia Budionnego posuwała się do przodu na Lwów. Na jej drodze znalazła się fikcyjna wioska, broniona przez połączone oddziały ukraińskie i polskie. Zadaniem było powstrzymianie Bolszewików, by nie przekroczyli ich linii obrony.SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Bartek ŻyndaUMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Bartek ŻyndaSCENERY/SCENERIA: SESWCFIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI I MODELE: Bartek Żynda, Angus Kon

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Review Book - Red Armour an Examination of the Soviet Mobile Force Concept, R Simpkin, 1984

So this was the summer reading, all part of a project called Deep Battle that I have yet to really start writing about or indeed executing but have been researching since about 2015. Over a wet week in Wales I have been ploughing my way through the 12 essays in this book by Brigadier Richard Simpkin who wrote a series of books on military manoeuvre warfare theory in the mid to late 80s and participated in the wide ranging discussion that went on at that time within NATO with regard to managing the Soviet threat.  Of the essays I am interested in I have now read most of them 2-3 times.  The ideas are complex and Simpkin is rarely an easy read.  Working at it in order to understand what he is saying can be very rewarding. Red Armour, an examination of the Soviet Mobile Force concepts does pretty much what it says on the tin in that it provides, in its 12 essays, a thought provoking and revealing analysis of Soviet Operational doctrine.  Unlike the Race to the Swift which looks at a vari

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