Space Combat

Stars Without Number Ship Combat Control Sheet

Image (cc) desuran on DeviantArtI've talked about Stars Without Number a lot. I think I'll probably continue to do so; I love it. One thing I did find hard to keep track of was Ship Combat, fantastic system/minigame though it is, so I decided to make this control sheet. I also think I ran it slightly differently to the book - it felt right to me - so I'll explain how to use the sheet to run it the way I did. I'm sure you can adapt it.I suggest you have:A copy of the Ship Combat Actions for each player (I printed handouts from the free SWN rules) for referenceOne SWN Ship Combat Control Sheet for the table - click to download from Google DriveA collection of minis, markers, or tokens to help keep track.  They can represent the players directly or indirectly, it's just for visual reference on the sheet.Command PhaseThe Captain decides and declares the plan of actions.Players assign their tokens to departments (top row) if they will be taking Department Actions or to the Delegate Pool if they choose "Do

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