Space Schlock

Space Schlock Alpha Test at Scrum Palace

Meta note: The crappy pictures are my own from my Ipad.  The nicer ones are courtesy of Ms. Ellen Levy who did a fantastic job of recording the game as usual.  Permission was granted up front. Friend and fellow Scrummer JOHN SEARS (whom you may know from the 1000 Foot General blog) is working on a labor of love called (at least for now) SPACE SCHLOCK.  John will correct me if I get the particulars wrong, but Space Schlock is a small unit skirmish game, with units roughly being 5-10 individual figures plus individually based special characters.  The setting is .. hmm.. well, the kind of B tier science fiction movies from the late 70s or early 80s you would associate with being Star Wars rip-off genre films in a science fiction setting.  Battle Beyond the Stars would be a perfect example. John is working on transitioning from design to development so he requested the able assistance of the Scrummers to do a little Alpha testing.  Four active players showed up so each of us got a s

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