Showcase: WarCry Iron Golem Legionnaire

Hey everyone. I went to the recent Age of Sigmar open day up at Warhammer world with Garfy and Arcane and got myself this sweet free Iron Golem! It was such an awesome day, and taking home a new unreleased miniature was the icing on the cake. Read more to hear my thoughts on WarCry and my Iron Golem colour scheme.More after the jump

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Tale of Tuesdays: SpaceShrimp Month 1 - Champions of Death

Introducing the first of my BloodBowl team for Tale of Tuesdays! Champions of Death - Spaceshrimp flavour.So despite being a really easy going and playful person in general, I actually take this hobby quite "seriously". What I mean by that is, I am not a fan of out of place conversions or paint schemes. If painting your Primaris like Buzz Lightyear is your thing, then power to you! Just totally not my approach at all. However, I think Bloodbowl lends it's self really well to having a bit of fun with the team names and themes and being a little bit silly.More after the jump

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