Squaduary 2019 – 15 Guardsmen

Here is my pledge for Squaduary 2019. It’s 15 Guardsmen and four Sergeants because I’m so close to a painted Brigade of Infantry – but not quite there. Never miss an article? Subscribe! So having these will either get me to a painted Brigade or bring me about 2 models short of the goal of having a painted Brigade. The post Squaduary 2019 – 15 Guardsmen appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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#Squaduary 2019 by Stepping Between Games – My Pledge

Rory over at Stepping Between Games is hosting the 3rd (I think) #Squaduary where you commit to getting a squad painted up during February. I thought I'd enter this year with my Undead team. I have a start on them, as I've shown, but I still have some unpainted models to work on, plus getting most of them based. While I have no time crunch to get this team done, this seems like a perfect time to make that final push on them. I don't know about you, but as I near the end of a project I start losing...continue reading

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