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Sunday evening round up.

No pressure, but Hammerhead is less than a month away on the 2nd March.I committed to putting on a Haitian game several months ago but it's only today when I got the mail that it dawned on me how close it is.Hammerhead is my favourite show of the year, there is always a great buzz about the show, I think it is the fact that everyone puts on a participation game which means that gamers come ready to talk to one another rather than rushing round and picking up orders.I have an idea for a game but just need to tweak the mechanics to allow for a quick turnaround of games and players, I also need some extra troops for the game so I best put my foot down on the painting front.If you are around on the Saturday come and stop by.I managed to get a further Slave unit complete this week, armed with stakes, knives and swords they are great in the first round and then not so good after that, but only 3 points in Sharp Practice they can make quite an impact on the table top if you can get them to close.The standard is the

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Bank holiday round up.

I had great plans for this weekend in terms of painting and an attempt to clear some of the items which have been languishing on painting table for a few weeks, but the wargaming gods were against me and I only managed to grab a few hours early in the morning before the clan awoke.I finished the first tester for the Haitian Colonial Dragoons, the unit were said to be equiped with all-green jackets and green housing and saddles etc.The Trent horses feel a little on the large side,  but I have been used to Perry's offering in recent years, they should be fine once flocked and the static grass added.I do dislike painting cavalry and was not that convinced by the green jacket colour and needed to complete one to see what the whole would look like once the wash was applied.He is growing on me.Let's see how a unit of dragoons does to help keep the slave army at bay. The clock is ticking as they are needed on the table next Sunday.In the absence of any serious painting I did manage to complete another batch of

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