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New Picard Trailer – release date 23rd January 2020

Well we have a new trailer for Picard. Picard. January 23, 2020. @StarTrekCBS @PrimeVideoUK @CTVSciFi#StarTrekPicard #StarTrekNYCC — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) October 5, 2019 Some nice surprises in there and some interfering scenes. So much so I was pausing and rewinding. Nice to see some old friends in there too. All kicks off on January 23rd 2020 on CBS in the US and Amazon Prime in the UK. The post New Picard Trailer – release date 23rd January 2020 appeared first on Felix's Gaming Pages.

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Star Trek Discovery season 2

While Discovery received mixed reviews in it's maiden year, season 2 turned out to be much, much better.Now if they just would change the perspective from Burnham to the bridge crew like regular Trek, we are set for pitch perfect...In this second season, the Discovery gets a new Captain, in no less then Chrostopher Pike who transfers from the Enterprise on temporary assignment.  This is due to a set of mysterious signals being picked up across the galaxy, apparently send by something called "the Red Angel".These signals seem random at first, but the disappeared Spock had a theory they where connected, and soon the crew learns the meaning behind them.  They are waypoints interwoven with each other to prevent an evil AI from destroying the universe.Discovery sets out to not only thwart the threat, but also on how to solve the mysteries behind the signals, while having to deal with the newly established Section 31 along the way. And Klingon politics, and the Prime Directive... all the things that makes

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Bomber Command Museum, Nanton, Alberta

This summer we passed through Nanton, Alberta on our way to a family vacation in the mountains. I'd recalled that Nanton housed the museum of Canada's bomber command. My wife's uncle was a tail gunner in a Lancaster so we decided to stop in and see what the museum had.Outside there are the usual "planes on a post" but also a very moving tribute to the 10,000 Canadians killed in bomber command operations. We were able to find her uncle's name. The sheer number of names is quite staggering (both sides of the monument above).The museum inside was pretty interesting. The only exhibit picture I snapped was of this 1/72-scale model of a training base in nearby High River.From the museum, you enter the hanger, which is full of planes. Some you can climb into (Jessica is inside the front fuselage of a bomber created for a movie). I was a touch too big and stiff to get in there myself.The largest plane is a Lancaster (which still runs) set up with a dam buster bomb hanging below.There was also an ME-109. I was surpris

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