Steampunk Mechanica

Adventures In Airbrushing

After many year of thinking about and wondering if the investment would be worth it, I have finally purchased a compressor to see what I can do with it. I sprayed a few bit of paper and then decided to have a go at undercoating something I was not going to be worried about if it all went horribly wrong. So to start with I picked on a fair sized lump of plastic with the intention of just undercoating it in Vallejo Air Gun Metal. I selected my Mantic Tunneller as it does not need to have a clean finish. Once I got started, I realised that spraying Gun Metal onto a grey model means it is quite difficult to see where the paint is actually going… I then did a few bits black, which it means it is much easier to see where the paint is going… First results were okay, I will have to get more practice in. I picked out the detail by hand and finished off with a bit of drybrushing.

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