Store is open, Doctor Merkury's Lab on Drivethrurpg

I've opened up a shop on drivethrurpg:The Lab StoreTo sell some models I've been making as well as raise funds for future projects.  Circle of life!I will still continue to post some pieces on Thingiverse, more pieces for conversions etc, but decided I would give a go at selling the .stls themselves.Currently the project I've been working on is 15mm Cyberpunk terrain for Reality's Edge, but truthfully speaking I can see this also getting use for my 15mm Mech combat games as well.The first and starter set.  This contains a street light, trash bin, CAT and a roof access piece as well as 3 building floors and signage.  The floors stack and the signs can be arranged a number of different ways to give you a lot of variety in just this set alone.Adding to this, is the next set coming:This set contains double sided signs that fit with all of the existing sets.  Also included is a Crowd Marker that can be printed to create some generic crowds in your Cyber city.Set 2 will be released shortly. &nbs

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Cyberpunk 15mm scaled stl for sale

The following are stl, 3D print ready files that I am selling for 15mm Cyberpunk gaming.The file set is $10 and can be bought by contacting me at doctormerkury at yahoo.com.The following are painted examples, building and scatter terrain only-A 5 story print of the building files, printed in PLA.A roof with a door access, a balcony that can be attached to the building facades.Signs are included in the set, both for the front and sides.Street level, an awning which can also be attached to the facade.Trash burner and street light scatter terrain.A CAT, Computer Access TerminalAnother view of the CATDetails, the terminal on the lights.SignageDetails of the roof accessBack side of the first floor. Door has a terminal with a facial recognition security camera.Back of the street lights.Building floors are stackableAnd have plenty of space to place models.A front view of the CATRoof is large enough for a grav car.The following are unpainted PLA prints of each of the files which I’m selling.A print of each file being

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15mm scale Alien Legion Assault Shuttle

I'm a huge fan of the Alien Legion comics.  First put out by the Epic Comics under Marvel in 1983, it features a Legion drawn up from the many worlds of the Galactic Union all of different races.  The characters were gritty, well developed and the stories were excellent.One of my side projects has been gaming this genre in 15mm and I've added a 3D model of one of Force Nomad's ubiquitous ships, the Assault Shuttle.  These were used to land troops on a world or support them with fire.  In the original issues 7-9 one was the base camp for the stranded Nomad team on a deadly world.Anyway, here is my model made:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3360425More to come,Doc

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