Santorini Review

Santorini is as picturesque as the island it is named for, with its brilliant white cuboid buildings and wonderfully aquamarine domes, it is a seemingly simple, yet refreshing abstract strategy game that will satisfy many a gamer should they chose to visit.I have a great fondness for the simple, perhaps because I am so, but games that can be taught and explained in a handful of rules will forever hold a special place on my game shelf.  Santorini takes pride of place on that shelf.  As can often be the case, just because it is simple, does not mean it is not capable of great depth, with Santorini its depths, despite the simplicity, are easily overlooked.  When explaining the game to people I was frequently met with “Is that it?” and a barely concealed sneer of indignation that this was my offering for game’s night.  Oh, how quickly those sneers were replaced with puzzlement and dumbfoundedness as the little green board blooms with white cuboid blocks, where each is a new opportunity, each is a risk and often a

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Spirit Island: Jagged Earth Kickstarter Preview

In our Spirit Island: Jagged Earth preview, we look at what comes in this big-box expansion for Spirit Island and how it changes the game. The post Spirit Island: Jagged Earth Kickstarter Preview appeared first on Co-op Board Games.

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