Spring Skirmish 2019 Photo's

I've just got back from a very pleasant morning at the Skirmish Toy Soldier and Wargames Show in Sidcup. I regularly attend this little show with it'a s quirky but friendly atmosphere, as do many of the Rejects. This time it was just Postie and myself at the show but I reckon between us we spent enough for a hoard of wargames (especially Postie with his bottomless pockets!). As usual, I shot a load of pictures and there were some cracking looking little games on display. One that seemed to catch the eye of nearly everyone was a 54mm Sudan demo featuring modern recasts of old toy soldiers (pictures below). As is the norm I spent more time chatting to friends than I did shopping but that is the attraction and charm of this little show. Rainham Wargames Club - A very nice looking Sudan gameSeveral companies of redcoatsFacing defencesTunbridge Wells Wargames Society The Old Guard - Another Sudan game, this time using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules.A clash of infantryMedway Wargames Society playin

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