More HO-scale buildings

No gaming for me this week (school events intervened) but I did finish up some painting. I'm almost finished the fourth season of Gotham, so I'm back in a superhero frame of mind.A few month back, I picked up a few more HO-scale railway buildings for my Gotham layout. One of the better ones was JDs Furniture. The building needed some additional painting and washing.The most interesting part is the lovely (and brittle) fire escape down the side. I also painted a random factory of some kind.I finally ran out of decals so I broke down and ordered some online (along with some graffiti decals). I'll have to finish this building up when they come in.I also knocked off this oil tank, which will make a useful scenario objective and LOS block.I've also been making progress on finishing off the British rebasing in my War of 1812 project. I hope to have these done by the end of the month--there was quick a lot of paint touch-ups to do.

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Terrain and trucks

I finished off some 28mm pieces I picked up at Red Claw a few weeks ago. These add a bit of mad-scientist/evil vampire terrain to my collection. First up is a cage and torture rack plus two piles of chain. The cage come apart and you can get a figure inside it.I also picked up a mirror, some end tables, a desk and a crow on a bird stand.The detail on these is pretty amazing. The mirror even knows to not reflect the vampire!I took trip to a local flea market. I didn't see much there but I did pick up two old tractor-trailer units. These should add some additional LOS blocks to the warehouse district of Gotham. They were pretty new and shiny looking so I made them a touch grittier.They are too small for 28mm figures (more 1/87 than 1/64) but they fit in reasonably well with the HO-scale terrain I have been using.These HO-scale cars are a pretty decent match. Sorry my camera hates the colour red so much--the cab is not this eye-searing in person.Up next: Working on some 54mm cavalry still.

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