Random 5 Room Dungeon Generator

I had meant to do this for the August RPG Blog Carnival but missed it due to real-life problems.  However the idea stuck in my head so now it's here, hope you enjoy.Image (cc) miszlaThis generator uses the 5 Room Dungeon model, which I always think works better as themes/areas than explicit rooms so the results are designed as hooks and inspiration so it fits better into your campaign.  As always, roll a set of polyhedral dice or use the JavaScript roller at the bottom of the post...The d20 - The entrance:is up (or down) a sheer cliff.has become the lair of a hidden by thorny undergrowth.has soldiers camped outside.has sunk guarded by a magical construct.was magically guarded by an intelligent undead.has collapsed, is there an alternative?is haunted by vengeful spirits.requires a lost key (or keys) to guarded by the local not located where the maps say it is.has been infested with giant vermin.can only be accessed using the home of an elem

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Rollin' around the 'sphere

Having been away a long time I wasn't sure what was left of the blogosphere but it's great to see all these marvellous things already:Library of Attnam has a handy list of d101 Sci-Fi gadgets, for when the players need to find something interesting out there...Someone recommend Trilemma Adventures for one sheet (well, two page) dungeons and I'm glad they did.  The site has a Kickstarter for an adventure compendium which looks well worth backing and closes at the end of May.I stumbled across d4 Caltrops' ongoing list of interesting forest hexes which is well worth checking out if you're a hexcrawler - or just looking for things to fill in the blanks!I was intrigued by Roleplaying Tips' d6 ways to spice up next session as it made me think I must be doing something right; this sounds like business as usual at my group's table and if it's not the DM doing it to the players the players are doing it to themselves!Charisma over at Stuffer Shack makes a very good point about ruling with players in conflicts - an

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