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Game Room Renovation – Part 2

More work has been done AND the first game has taken place down in my new Game Room.  All in all, great progress since the first post.  This time last year is when I started packing up my gaming space in my last house in preparation to sell and move.  It’s been a long road, but I finally feel like I’ve made it…somewhere. Game Time My brother was in town for Thanksgiving so that gave me some drive to get my gaming table up.  My plan is to rebuild this table into a 9ft x 5ft setup to accommodate the same rough size of games but also allow for space for books, figures, drinks, etc. Organization A part of what I enjoy in gaming is organizing the things I collect, consider it an outlet for my obsessive side.  I was able to finally organize all of my wargaming and RPG books in one place, as well as all of my dudesmen. New shelves filled Books all unpacked               First Game! Lastly, the first official game was had in the Game Room.  A quick game of Age of

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Game Room Renovation – Part 1

Time to blow the dust off of this place! It’s been awhile, I moved, adult stuff is happening all over the place. Time to do hobby things has been slim to none. Previously I had a finished basement to myself for a Game Room. I really like how it was setup and had many great games played in it over the 10 years I lived at that house. Moving to a new house meant taking all of that apart, packing up the organized armies and gaming supplies, and taking down my gaming table. All of this has lead to an opportunity to make a new Game Room in a new house. My plan is to take you on a visual journey of building a new Game Room. I have no idea how many parts this will be or how long it will take, but let’s take a look at some highlights. Finished Basement The new basement is finished and fully fleshed out like an old German Beer Hall. This totally plays to my advantage and will emphasize the geeky stuff I intend to display and hang around this large room. This room has built in cabinets, a weird yellow wind

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Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign Battle Report

Prologue. Previously, Moonclan Grot Warlord Merl struck a deal with a local clan of BeastClaw Raiders to help ambush an unsuspecting army of Stormcast who had wandered into the mortal realm of Ghur. The ambush was a success, the main force of the Stormcast was annihilated. Their scouting party returned to camp, saw that it was lost, turned heel and left to plot revenge. While the ambush was successful, my photography was not, so I will not be posting that battle report. This battle report is from week two of a narrative campaign we are running in the Age of Sigmar game system. We are using forces of 1500 pts., where each person picks a Grand Alliance and must stick with that alliance throughout the campaign. They can change lists from week to week and even factions as long as it is still part of the same Alliance. We are using realm rules and Malign Sorcery/Endless spells. The focus is on fun and fluff and not just showing up with unpainted netlists from the latest tournament, in fact a three color minimum pa

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