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Cthulhu: The Great Old One Review

PUNY MORTALS! It is I, the GREAT CTHULHU once again in your electronic presence. The human Tony has again summoned me from my slumber in R’lyeh to review games of human interest. For those of you unfamiliar with my great works, feast your sanity on my previous reviews of Necronomicards, Pocket Madness, All Manor of […]

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All Manor of Evil Review

ATTENTION MORTALS! The fearsome presence of Cthulhu, Board Game Reviewer from beyond the stars, is here once more. The human Tony has again summoned my unearthly thoughts on yet another me-themed game. You should remember my other reviews of Necronomicards and Pocket Madness. Now, having been delivered another opus concerning my dark presence, Tony asks […]

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Dungeon Mayhem Review

When playing the latest popular fantasy roleplaying game, there are inevitably moments of extended downtime. Tony decides to scout ahead. Jon and Alex haven’t arrived for gaming yet. AnnaMaria hasn’t finished her side quest to retrieve the Rod of Uselessness so that the rest of the adventuring party can enter the plane of Uselessness. Whatever […]

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