Talion Charter

Pirate Testing!

I don't know much about Pirates, but I know that Captain Rehera will be a sweet model to get. She's partisan Cryx, so finding a paint scheme that potentially fits both armies will be a challenge, but it's not like I ever field anything other than trolls. Second best release, pirates get a monkey, so now there's two in the faction? Anyway, this monkey is special. He gives out focus! Somehow.Swabber! Don't know if any of it ever works. Drag is either unstoppable or does nothing. There's no in-between it seems.Character jack for Shae!No clue what a Swashbuckler does. And this will probably be the best release of this cycle. It's called a Blockader for its ability to...blockade? But wait, it's abilities probably BREAK blockades, what with fists that chain out like nunchucks and push people around.They still haven't said what materials these models will release in. Will update when I find out.

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