Epic Space Marines for Apocalypse

Here are the Marines I have (painted, so far...) organized for use in the current version of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse!  The entire force (so far!)As with the Eldar, these were previously organized for Future War Commander - where an element is an element and the number of figures on each stand wasn't really important, so I wasn't really fussed about having the correct number of itty-bitty warriors on each stand. Consequently, a number of these elements have less than the basic number of models that should be on a stand - in these cases I assume that it represents the basic/minimum number that would be in a squad - for example,  you can field Terminators in squads of five or ten, my stands have only three on each of them (because I only had a handful of them and I wanted more than just two squads (plus a few spares left over) and needed something I could use as a CO/HQ element - so I did four stands of three plus a smaller stand of just one - which would represent the HQ element.Marine Vangu

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A Few More Epic 40K Minis

I finished up a few more Epic minis over the weekend...Four plastic Whirlwinds.Seven metal Vindicators (I already have another painted for a total of eight). not sure if any of those things out front count as a Siege Shield...?)All of these will probably be organized into two Spearhead detachments of four Vindicators and two Whirlwinds. I can't seem to find my Apocalypse rules. But I'm pretty sure Spearhead Detachment can have a maximum of six Heavy Support - of which all of these are... (so I can't put ALL the vindicators in one big detachment!)Here's something odd... I have a detachment with four squads of Terminators... and a captain n terminator armour. To transport those Terminators I thought I'd use Land Raiders... unfortunately Terminators are Elites and land raiders are NOT considered Transports - they're considered Heavy Support! A Vanguard Detachment can have up to SIX Elites, but only two Heavy Support... A Spearhead Detachment can have up to SIX Heavy Support... but only two Elites!? WTF!?I also f

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