AHPC9 - Donnybrook - The Duke of Osuna Spanish Horse 1680's

Another entry into the Painting Challenge and its yet more Donnybrook, but this time we're heading to the far away fields of Africa, well Tangier to be precise.The Treaty of Windsor, signed on 10th June 1680 between England and Spain, gave rise to an offer by the King of Spain to provide a body of Horse to support the English at Tangier. The Duke of Osuna's Trozo of Horse was well placed being based 80 miles north of Tarifa to be that body of Horse. They were said to have worn an all white uniform, including their hat!Which I'm sure you'll agree makes for a rather unusual looking unit of Horse.In the field they were commanded by Don Salvador de Monforte.They fought in several skirmishes and battles in their time at Tangier.I've been wanting to paint this unit for quite a whileThe figures are from Warfare Miniatures and will be added to my Tangier collection, they may well find there way onto the fields of Flanders and Ireland too!!! 7 Mounted 25mm figures should give me 70 points.

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