Weather beaten? Part 1 intro : Tangier... but not as we know it Jim!

A representation of Tangier harbour in 1666. The shape is roughly that of the modern port as seen on various picturesThe English colony in Tangier has always fascinated me. I have gamed it on land and am currently in the process of assembling forces for it again in 28mm.I have gazumped that project with an extension of my Dutch Wars naval adventure. As  I always do, I try and stretch any project every which way to squeeze the maximum juice out. It was an obvious activity to check out Tumbling Dice's other ranges to find out where I could leverage them. The Napoleonic range has xebecs, xebec galleys and dhows.The Tangier Regiment (Kirke's) stand firm in the face of Berber cavalry (Dave O'Brien's collection)Some consultation with various sources informs that the Berber or Barbary Corsairs were a broad and loose amalgam of North African Arabs, privateers and renegade Europeans. Their ships were thus a mixture of Arabic and European types - A pirate fleet with a little difference was clearly on the cards.I h

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I painted them thar Ottermans

Code OT07 Tufeckci firingI know, several months late. C minus on report card and detention for me. Nevertheless, painting these thirty models in five days was not as onerous a chore as it may at first sound.They were really fun to do. The sculpting is wonderful and the poses interesting and natural.Code OT12 Bosniaks/Irregulars loadingI used the following speedy method:1. Hand brushed white undercoat2. Paint flesh and wash with a watered skin tone3. Paint flat colours on all other areas4. Wash with water based soft tone Army Painter (except skin areas).5. Hand brushed matt varnish - solvent basedCode OT010 Segban loadingI avoided certain colours such as - red (except for a couple of hats) and used a very controlled and muted palette selection around stone, browns, buff, sand, off white etc with an  occasional shot of pink, black, green and light blue.I wanted these troops to look poorer, less military and more paramilitary - volunteers, conscripts, booty soldiers, borderers and similar.Code OT08 Tufeckci

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Focusing on Sedgemoor Part 2 - The Royal Army

Rather than focusing on a history of the Royal Army I have chosen to feature several of the wargaming units built up and in some cases, let go over the years. All were based for Beneath the Lily Banners and several have been in involved in over 100 wargames over the years.The Royal Army fielded at Sedgemoor in 1685 was modest in size but when compared to its opponents, infinitely more professional and experienced. It contained two regiments of Horse and one of dragoons and six battalions of infantry supported by artillery.Several of the regiments were fresh from foreign service in Tangier where they saw continuous action in a hostile environment. Others had served at sea as detachments of marines with the navy. Many of the officers had foreign service experience with the Dutch, French or Imperial armies and will have seen action in many pitch battles and sieges.This unit was cobbled together specifically for Historicon several years ago and now lives in the USA.This unit has always served as Le Roi du Anglete

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