Some Perry Sprues and Bits

On the Sweetwater board (a German speaking online community with focus on historical wargaming), on irregular intervals a centralized order at the Perrys is organized. Usually I'd suggest supporting your local dealer, but as the Perry blisters and individual sprues are more or less direct only (you can buy them at events like Crisis or […]

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New Adder Tankettes with pre-order offers now at The Ion Age

Now on at The Ion Age and ending 1st October 2018 we have pre-order offers and bundles for our five different brand new 15mm scale Adder Combat Tankette light vehicles. This Early Supporter can be found HERE on the website and the offers are as follows. Each single Adder Tankette is 10% off release price. Bundles of Five Adders (mixed or all the same) are 15% off. A Mega Bundle of Fifteen (Three of Each Type) is 25% off release price. As normal you earn Reward Points on all orders and of course you can redeem your accumulated points to get further discount on these offers. We reward our IonFans. Awesome! Go to the website or read on for more. All orders placed which contain a Tracked Adder will ship worldwide on 1st October 2018. As the second Khanate War continued and worlds fell to the Legions as they spread ever further from the Matter Gateway in the Camarthen stellar system the threat to the entire Prydian Precinct grew dire. The Marcher Barons were in retreat and the Prydian Ar

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