Tanker's Tuesday

Tanker's Tuesday: Titans of War: Evolution of the Battle Tank

Titans of War: Evolution of the Battle Tank1HR 36MINFrench and English soldiers used tanks, for the first time in history, to fight their way through the bleak landscapes of World War I. These early battle tanks made little difference and a long-awaited miracle of warfare failed to materialize. How did the battle tank evolve from poorly-armored soapboxes to modern titans of war? What is the future of tanks at a time when few armed conflicts have a front line and terrorism is the greatest threat?Titans Of War

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Tanker's Tuesday : Top Ten Historic Tanks

10 Tanks That Changed the History of Armored WarfareThe tank was introduced in World War I when Britain unveiled the then-secret weapon against German forces and were able to run these rolling fortresses right over German barbed wire and trenches, firing cannons and machine guns into German fortifications. Now, armored columns are a commander's fist, punching holes in enemy lines and then rushing through them to annihilate enemy formations. Here are 10 tanks that shaped armored warfare, either by completely destroying their enemies or by introducing new design features that gave them the edge in combat:Top 10 Tanks In History

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