Tanker's Tuesday

Tanker's Tuesday - The Big Guns of War

Artillery has been a primary weapon of war since before the Napoleonic Era. Several countries have developed and built artillery systems, while artillery itself has been continually improved and redesigned to meet the evolving needs of the battlefield. This has led to a multitude of different types and designs which have played a role in the history of warfare and continue to be a significant factor in modern combat.

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Thanker's Tuesday: New Valkyria Project Trailer

Sega revealed that Valkyria Chronicles 4 is in the works as part of a special presentation tonight. The game will launch sometime next year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Nintendo Switch — bringing the tactics-based role-playing game franchise to a Nintendo console for the first time.A lengthy story trailer attached to the Valkyria Project video update shows a familiar art style and setting. Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place during the “Second Europan War,” an event that takes place in its unique version of the 1930s. Players will assume the roles of Federation soldiers on the frontlines, ready to defeat the Imperial army. Threats extend beyond other forces, though; there’s also a legendary snowfall that complicates things.

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