Painted Judgement: Brok Dwarf Berserker

Finished painting Brok a few weeks ago. You can see him here.I didn't realize he was a Dwarf. Yes, it's right there in his model description (Brok "Dwarf Berserker"), but I don't often make time to play Judgement given that if I have the time to play, I'm going to play Warmachine.I was concerned about the large swathes of skin on the model, so I tried to paint some tattoo patterns I found on the Internet. I used a brush marker to trace this wing-like pattern on his chest and back, and then I painted over the brush marker using an off blue color.That turned out to be a mess, so I went over the blue against by adding black lining with the brush marker, so now it's just a little acceptable.With Brok I'm now caught up on my Judgement goal. If I play a game it will be to bring Skye, Brok, Saiyin, Allandir, and someone else I can't think of the name of (I feel bad because the people who post on the Judgement facebook group helped me pick the models with the understanding that Skye had to be in the mix somewhere).I

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