Tempestus Scions

Kasrkin Storm Troopers and Necromunda Barriers

A handful of things rolling off the workbench as we roll into a long weekend her in Saskatchewan...First, some old metal Kasrkin troops [ainted more like modern Tempestus Scions (which effectively replaced the Kasrkin in 8th edition... and maybe 7th...?)I got these are part of the BIG IMPERIAL LOT I recently picked up, and, actually, most of these were already painted... and I didn't mind the paint job (it was well done and I thought was close enough to my own style that, with a bit of re-basing, would fit in well with my own minis). So that's all I've done is re-based these and finished ONE that was only partly painted. All the others were completely painted, but one was primed and the blue was painted and nothing else?! Weird that one out of the unit would be left unpainted!? So I tried to match the paint job on all the others... Can you tell which one it is?Necromunda barriers. I'm just quickly cranking these out to get them done. I'd considered adding graphite and stuff... but I just want to get

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Astra Militarum Mechanised Infantry Lists

This article comes to you off the back of the Getting Started series. It was suggested that the Getting Started series should contain a section about Astra Militarum Mechanised Infantry – but I felt that was a little in-depth for such a series. So here it is now as it’s own stand-alone article. Never miss an article? Subscribe! All points are pre Chapter Approved 2018. That being said, note that Chimeras will be 20 points cheaper when Chapter Approved 2018 arrives. So if you’re taking a mechanised list with say 3 Chimeras, you will save 60 points now! What is […] The post Astra Militarum Mechanised Infantry Lists appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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