Space Hulk: Exterminate

On Sunday, Finnegan set up a game of Space Hulk for us to play while Amanda and The Girl were out. We had another go at Scenario #3: Exterminate. We played this back in August with me playing the Blood Angels Terminators and Finnegan playing the Genestealers. This time we switched things up and I played the Genestealers and he played the Terminators.SCENARIOThis scenario is played in up to fifteen rounds. To win the Genestealers have to kill all the Marines before the end of round fifteen. For the Marines to win, they have to either kill all Genestealers by the end of round fifteen or clear the board and be in position to block genestealers from coming onto the board (if a marine is positioned within 6 spaces of a Genestealer entry point, no Genestealers may be brought on at that point.FORCESThe Genestealers started with two blips on the table and got two per turn until they run out (10 turns - as there are 22 blip tokens).The Marines get one squad of five terminators includingSergeant Gideon (Thunder Ha

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