Terrain Crate

Crate Expectations from Mantic

Mantic Games have announced that the Terrain Crate 2 Kickstarter launches 8pm (GMT) on February 21st. We’re expecting great things from this campaign and there will be a special 24-hour early bird discount. We should hope [...] The post Crate Expectations from Mantic appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 2, The Beacon Tower: Scenario 2 Tor Varden

Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 2, The Beacon Tower: Scenario 2  Tor Varden, The Lower LevelThis report is a complete playthrough.Full layout of lower levels with all the bits for the potential 4 rooms.Pre-game notes.I already gave my initial thoughts on the scale down of the towers rooms  in my last post but-Wow I still had a lot more to do here than I Initially planned. Not only did I build the modular floors and walls for all 3 rooms, I had put together a bunch of different things to fill out all four potential rooms in the scenario.  Thankfully I had all the bits and pieces I needed it just took me while to paint 20 something small bits of scatter terrain / atmosphere decoration. This in the end was a good thing as its better now painted up for use then sitting around in a bin on my desk.I also put everything together for Scenario 3 which included even more pieces, while I get to reuse my floor tiles as the tower roof  , the walkway, floor hatch, bonfire, prisoner, pilla

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