Star Wars: Legion – Imperial Bunker

Hello! Today I would like to present you a model of a bunker painted by our Studio, produced by the Polish manufactory Multiverse Gaming. The set is a mix of laser-cut HDF and thick model cardboard, from which finer details have been prepared (including the ribbing of walls). Sticking together and preparing the building for painting should not be a problem for any modeler. As a primer we used two layers of black, matt Vallejo Surface Primer applied with an airbrush. Later on, we used different shades of grey from the Vallejo Game Air palette. The effects of soiling are dry pigments and carefully applied inks. The model has a simple shape and well reflects the climate of the Imperial outpost somewhere on the Endor. I invite you to see the rest of the photos and follow us on social profiles. Commission Painting Services – minisforwar@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger

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Terrains – Zen Terrain / City

Hello! Terrains from ZEN Terrain manufactory fell into my hands again. Some of the smallest buildings, a motorcycle bar and two larger houses. The quality of workmanship of the parts is on a really good level. The elements come to us packed in cardboard packaging, the instructions are quite clear and the parts are perfectly cut out. Assembling is easy and each element fits the other. Compared to Tabletop Scenics, these are rather simple, uncomplicated solids with an average number of details. Painting was based on the application of two layers of primer (black + grey), which prevented fading of the proper color. Thanks to this it was possible to obtain quite vivid colours. I invite you to see the photo gallery below. Commission painting – minisforwar@gmail.com

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