[EN/PL] Terrains4Games kickstarter review. Houses and terrain elements. / Recenzja zbiórki od Terrains4Games. Domki i elementy terenu.

Hello to you!The last hours of KICKSTARTER are passing (have been a little more days at polish WPIERAM.TO ), with whom the well-known Terrains4Games.        Play in Bolt Action? In Warhammer? The Napoleonic Wars in 1/72 scale? World War II in 15 mm? Or maybe you need a village to play your favorite RPG system?        A farm or village from Terrains4Games will consist of laser cut HDF buildings, and unlockable additional targets will add items for free at each new level (resin casts, decorative elements, grass, trees).       I invite you to look at three houses today (one already finished and painted) with the Prussian wall (framed with wood) can be seen in historical or fantasy movies, but also in reality. They can still be found on the Polish coast or in Lower Silesia.       Many are preserved in Germany and Austria, so the models will be suitable for many ages and areas.The second reviewed prod

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