The Dreamer

Inspiration: Dreamer of Menothginger conversion

Darrell Galbraith Jr. posted the above conversion of the Harbinger of Menoth, and I think it hits all the right notes to make the model immediately indistinguishable with zero confusion. He even added a blindfold!The base looks like it's from scibor miniatures. Lost ruins or something, Lord of the Rings inspired. 

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Painting with Rhett Tudor

At Warmachine Weekend, I spent my Saturday painting my Monsterpocalypse buildings, Martian Menace, and Terrasaurs. I pretty much walked into the hobby room, found someone I only kind of knew from Facebook (hi Randy Culp!) and sat all my stuff down at an empty spot at their table.What I hadn't realized was that I had sat myself at the Springfield, IL table, even though the one guy I knew was from Wisconsin. And so I got to meet a bunch of people who play out at Capital City Games, including Rhett Tudor who sat just to my left.So there I was, slopping brown washes onto Monsterpocalypse buildings without a care in the world, while Rhett is there painting the Dreamer's phantoms like this:It's a good thing I didn't look over at his work while he was at it. I might have quit right then and there.I, too, have painted the Dreamer and her phantasms. I can assure you there was nothing realistic about my pumpkin rind nor particularly blended with my Dreamer dress.I spent all day and into the night in the hobby room to b

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