the men who would be king

There will be an awful row about this.......A Zulu Victory

We played our first proper game of Ospreys "the Men Who Would Be Kings " last night at Sheffield Wargames Society . I Umpired whilst Ian took the part of the British and John over saw the Zulu Impi  , we used the Run to the Hills scenarios ,with afew amendments for the AZW not in the main rule book . Ian had 3 British Regular units one with the sharpshooter trait and 2 NNC units ,Johns Impi consisted of 3 married and 3 unmarried regiments .Things got off to a bad start for the Brits with each unit rolling for thier leadership trait which consisted of Drunkards ,Brutal and Ugly leaders ,the Zulus faired a lot better .Surprisingly the first kills of the game came from a unit of NNC taking out 3 Zulus ,after that things went down hill quickly for the British with a lot of bad dice rolls and the Zulus making good use of the go to ground rule to get close to the red coats. The game only lasted 6 turns before the Zulus over ran the galent forces of Queen Victoria ,one unit of NNC fled the field but everyone el

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The men who would be kings -unit cards

Playing TMWWBK this week so made a few unit cards hopefully to speed things up ,each card contains the basic rules and required dice rolls for each unit .I have made acouple of adjustments to stats to better represent the AZW units with the Zulu cards I  included the regiment names to match up with my based units and included the English meanings of the names ,I was going to add more but thought I would try them and the game out before I started showing off too much .each unit will have its own card , all laminated so remarks can be made and the cards reused The Brits one unit has a higher points value as I gave them the sharpshooter traitthe Zulus different traits for married and unmarried units  , no not happy and sad ..

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Zulu -

After my recent trip to Zululand , I dug out my Anglo Zulu war armies and I am looking at doing a participation game on behalf of Sheffield Wargames Society at ashow in the future , I have 2 scenarios in mind so thought I would look at rules , I do like my own set and they played well on their first convention at Sheffiled Triples afew years ago but thought I would try the osprey set " the men who would be kings " (tmwwbk) .So dug out a few figures and played a small game to get use tothe rules and really enjoyed them , there are a few zulu amendments on the facebook page and you do get afst and furious game with a feel for the period , played them solo using the Mr Babbage rules included in the book  .Will try them out again with a living partner and with a more complex scenario but so far Im liking what I see.The first turn A unit moves up to support their comradesanother sets up a firing line in front of the campthe zulus advance3 more zulu units advance on to the table some long range shoot

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